How to Get the Hard Drive Recovered

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Sometimes due to various problems, the computer stops working and subsequently the hard drive loses its stored files. This happens when you accidentally delete some important files on your computer or a power problem damages your hard disk and you end up losing some important data. It may be your important business details like customer’s database, their precious records or even personal memories like your family photographs spanning over decades.

Now what is the option left before you? You can simply move forward accepting all business and personal losses. Alternatively, is there any solution available? Of course, there is a solution for every problem. Necessity is the mother of invention. Data recovery is a technique to recover lost data from damaged or corrupted hard drives. You can yourself try to recover some of the data if the problem is simple, otherwise you have to take help of data recovery experts. For expert hard drive recovery options, you can log on to various professional firms available on the web.

Two Types of Hard Drive Failures

Generally, the data recovery depends upon the type of hard drive failure. It is basically of two types:

  1. Logical drive failure: The logical drive problem is caused by problems like operating system failure, damage caused to the log of partition table file systems or even due to some missing parts in a file, making the file unreadable to the system. Depending on the situation, the recovery can be just simple even for you or may need expert technicians. There are many sophisticated data recovery software like Testdisk that are available for recovering the data when log files are missing but the actual data exists within the hard drive. Data carving is also a technique used to make the data readable by adding to it the missing parts that are created using this technique.
  • Hard drive recovery due to logical problems can be easy and simple as well as sophisticated needing highly qualified technicians.
  1. Physical drive failure: Generally, a hard drive is made of several disks known as “Platters”. There is a coating of a magnetic material on the platters. The platters revolve at very high speed through a mechanical arm that is also moving forward and backward, touching the platters through a copper wire. The computer gives signal in binary mode, i.e.,0 and 1, which passes through the copper wire to magnetic coating, subsequently changing the magnetic polarization. All your files are stored in this way inside a hard disk.

There are several other things too inside a hard disk like spinning motor and a printed circuit board. When there is a problem in hard drive due to physical reasons like motor not spinning, the motor is replaced in order to make hard drive working again. If the armature is not moving properly, it is also replaced. Lastly, if the problem is not yet solved, the final step is reading the platters through sophisticated equipment. All these procedures of disassembling the hard drive are carried out in a “clean room” that is free from dust and other particles to avoid further data disruption.

  • Hard drive recovery due to physical failures is carried out in dust proof “Clean Rooms” which is a very expensive process.