how to buy real instagram followers

How to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

Mobile Apps

Every blogger wants to look like Susie Bubble or Man Repeller, but would you purchase your way to reach there? The method of paying for followers has been a part of social media business for quite some time. Brands like Mercedes Benz and Pepsi have been accused of beefing up their followers. Of late, purchasing buyers has become quite common in the blogging segment and you could find many authority sites, such as  doing this business

If you’re a Smartphone user, you would spend at least an hour on Instagram and if you’re more into fashion, then you would spend your half day here!  Considering that people spend so much time on social media, you would definitely know the importance of followers and how the trend has been changing since then.

You need to follow certain rules while promoting your page, so that you would get organic followers coming into the page. Small changes can give you better growth and help you to boost the followers count.


It’s been said that hashtag (#) no-filler is the most popular method on Instagram; using this method can give you the most interactions across the brand, with an average comments or likes per post. Using too many hashtags on photos can lead to negative remarks, say some social media experts. However, using 11 hash tags for a post, has worked best with an average of 80 comments and likes. Instagram deals with pictures only and hence you should put the best pictures and hash-tags that people will comment or like on it.

Posting Videos

Videos work quite differently; according to a study, video yields better result in the off-work hours (from 9pm to 8am). The reason is quite simple; people don’t want to distract themselves from work during the day time or rather they don’t want others to distract by keeping their phone loud during work hours. If your intention is to get maximum views for your videos, then you will have to post it during non-working hours

Post It Right

As per studies, the most willing day to post on Instagram is Thursday; posts added on Mondays and Sundays have the far most reach or considered as most effective days to post.

Major brands are looking to invest in leading bloggers, who would work with authentic followers. You need to be careful while following anyone or taking someone’s help for promoting your brand.