How can I acquire a dedicated server?

Web Service

Dedicated servers are necessary for quite large scale businesses that have outgrown the bounds of both shared servers and virtual private servers in terms of the amount of memory and bandwidth that they are using. It is generally something that is acquired as a precaution in order to make sure that a site or app or whatever the server is running does not and can not go down. One of the biggest embarrassments of a larger business is their package bandwidth running out or their site going down unexpectedly due to a server crash, even if it is only for a few minutes. Those precious seconds could be the difference between getting a sale or not, and so it is imperative that larger businesses get a dedicated server so that they have a system and a backup plan in place just in case there was an irregularity with the consistency of the server that they may have previously been on.

A dedicated server can be acquired and utilised in a couple of ways. The first and most obvious way of purchasing your own dedicated server or renting one is to purchase one from a server centre, of which there are several dotted around the UK and the world that are specifically designed to give your site and any other exploits that you have a high-speed connection, response time and in general a high quality service. This server can also be programmed and set up remotely to allocate different amounts of bandwidth and memory to different parts of the server. This could mean different websites or modules on a site being hosted in different places among other things, and really gives you the opportunity to optimise your server fully so that you can make the added effort to give your business a great frontier. These sorts of dedicated servers can be rented fromĀ  and so contact them for a quote on your own personalised server.

If you have any issues setting up this dedicated server remotely, you may be able to hire or utilise the services of the company that you purchased the server or rented the server from, or potentially use a 3rd party technical team who will not only help you with setup but monitor your devices, site and emails for any sort of malware that could be causing website interference or spam mails to be sent out from your domain. Server Surgeons is a good example of a company that can do this.

The second alternative is to purchase your own server and set it up within your own office so that your tech team can maintain it themselves and keep everything absolutely functional. This means that there is usually a very low response time when you run into server issues as your team is literally on location, but could also cause there to be slight issues with lack of experience if they do not know to configure the server correctly. By putting yourself in a situation where you have experienced server technicians and 24 hours support you can have it either way depending on preference.