Haven’t Cooked Food for Guests Yet- Download TinyOwl and Order Food Now

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Are you in trouble? Invited guests and forget to cook food for them? You need not to worry about it; TinyOwl has solution for all your food troubles. So, download TinyOwl app now and order their favorite food from nearest restaurant in no time. Yes, TinyOwl app allows you to order delicious food from the nearest eating junctions that might be your favorite one. So, open Google PlayStore and download this fabulous app on your Android Smartphone now. Get the list of thousands of menus from different restaurants and taste the best food at discounted price.

About TinyOwl App

TinyOwl app was co-founded by Harshvardhan Mandad in year 2014. TinyOwl was a just a startup in 2014, but as soon as investors funded in its idea, TinyOwl boosted its sales through promotions and other activities and gained a huge clientele. The app is immensely popular among the users and now we cannot call it as a startup, TinyOwl has become a bigger organization now. If you are ordering food online through TinyOwl app, you do not have to worry about its delivery. Food will be delivered to you within 45 minutes. Use TinyOwl and order online through this fabulous app.

What is TinyOwl All About?

TinyOwl app is the best food ordering app that is growing in popularity through its timely services that are worth checking for new users. The app had received more than 500 thousands download in less than 2 years which is a real big success for this app. TinyOwl is presently providing food ordering facilities in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and few others. People, who have this app on their smart phones can now access the eating joints near their vicinity and order yummy delicious food through this app. It has become a popular online lunch app for most of the office goers.

Somehow, if you forget to cook food and want food instantly then TinyOwl can serve you as a great option. There are several benefits too to order online food through TinyOwl app. One of the best benefits is that you can order food at discounted price. TinyOwl has a lot to offer to its users. This is the reason why TinyOwl has gained so much popularity in quick time. TinyOwl will serve lots of food crazy people with different tastes and different food stuffs every time. This is another great benefit of using TinyOwl app. The delivery is quick and it even informs you about your order with estimated delivery time. You are also provided with flexible methods of payment. Sometimes, you even get the liability of cash on delivery.

Why use TinyOwl App?

TinyOwl app is giving a tough fight to its competitors. It has outraged its competitors in different aspects and has even snatched some of the valuable clientele of its competitors through its good services. Zomato and FoodPanda are now looking to roll over TinyOwl by providing better services. But, TinyOwl is still the best in the market. Though, the number of cities to which TinyOwl has reached is less, but it has surely taken over its competitors there. TinyOwl has less complaints and more positive feedbacks as compared to its competitors.

Final Say

If you are a food crazy, you should download TinyOwl app on your Android Smart phones. This app has become a great food ordering app and people love it. Office goers have found a wonderful online lunch app and for food lovers it is just like a sizzling sensation. So, download this app now and enjoy food ordering.