Angry Birds Game is in Jeux de Friv Games

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Who cannot remember angry birds game that is considered to be really phenomenal in the world of computer games! Were you one of those who are rebelling because all of a sudden, the creator of angry birds took down the game without so much ado? Well, if you were, you were just part of the millions or even billions of angry birds fanatic. In fact, it is said that the creator received death threats then because of what he did. We don’t really know the exact reason then as all we know is that he cut off our happiness.


Yes, the game was quite frustrating and quite simple as well that even a kid can play with it. This is even one of the most outrageous reasons why such kind of game was making a lot of people crazy! Can you still remember how you probably reacted then? There was even a reported incident where a man threw his mobile phone because he can’t go further with the game. Wow, it was really quite a chaos then. For parents, they might have been thankful for the creator because their kids then cannot be asked for something anymore. They always play angry birds.

But now that the phenomenal game was taken down, for sure you are also one of those who missed it. Well, if that is the case, there is no need to miss it anymore as angry birds game is now made available in Jeux de Friv games. Yes, though it is not entirely the same but you will hardly feel the difference. It comes with the same mechanics and the same goal actually. Thus you should check out the friv games as aside from angry birds, there are still more worth checking.


That is right and some of the games you will find in friv games are really meant for adults like they are with more complicated mechanics and mind-boggling. So, if you want to challenge yourself with some complicated mental tasks, you should try checking out friv games. For sure you will really be addicted just like when you were addicted with the angry birds before. However, this time around, it will be in the good way. It will not be like before where you want to slam your mobile phone out of frustration. Friv games are designed as stress reliever and not as stress motivator.


You might think that friv games have poor quality but that is not the case. In fact, it is of the exact opposite. Yes, friv games are with amazing quality like the graphics and the sound is simply amazing. You will not be burdened by playing friv games as the quality alone is just like those computer games that are paid.

So, if you miss the angry birds game and if you want to learn more about interesting games, feel free to check out the friv games. For sure you will have more reasons now to finish your house chores in a jiffy.